Saturday, 15 July 2017

A Little Thing Called Love

I used to stop running around and lingered all alone after I realised that I am not capable of preparing myself for the man I love. I know the feelings of being unwanted. You dont want to prepare yourself for something bad kan? Well in my case, I am preparing myself for something that I never knew would come as if I am too confident with the person cam if I transform myself, he would fall in love with me terus and we'll be together forever, oh I am so dumb back then! Ye kot, like I used to write before, I am like 55kg back then from 85kg cuz I cam desperate gila nak boyfriend. But at the end of the day, if God didnt write your names together pun tak ngam gak korang huhuhuh. And so, that is that for that emotionally good old situation.

Now I am taking my degree. New comers!

If I were to tell you my transition in giving my feelings all out, damn son, its harder than taking engineering maths paper. Like I used to chill je when it comes to talking to guys cuz I always thought I am like a big old sister to everyone, even to the seniors. But at the moment, I think I TER-fall in love with someone with my figure like this lol.

Being in my 20's, a steamy hot relationship is not what I am searching for. My friend told me, if he wants you and wanted to get married to you, choose him. Date, to know each other well before you both getting to the next phase in life, ok?

I know some guys are like legit malu to approach woman they like sbb they think they are not on the same level as the woman. But guys, just give it a try. Give it a smooth damn try! Jangan guna emoji ke, pickup lines level harith iskander ke, dont just dont. Just go straight and start, she will consider you jangan risau. We women we dont like to confess I am death serious now.

When you think women are hard to handle, think again.