Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Foodgasm | Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet 2017

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If you noticed my labels on the right-sided layout, you know that I only shared the things I like and I love to do. Yes, that is the beauty of the tagging, it gives you the urge to write more about your interests. 

I was at Sushi King the other day, hunting and munching for some me time as it happened to be my final's week also during that particular week. As far as I concern, I believe you guys had already know about the Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet which turned out to be the best news ever for us students. Oh and by the way, I went to Sushi King at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and only get to eat at 8.30pm because it was already full during ifthar (REMEMBER TO MAKE A RESERVATION WHEN ITS  RAMADHAN).

I was participating with another 4 friends of mine and we were like calculating our meals individually and whoever comes with a total of less than from the money we had to pay, it'll not be worth for him/her to indulge so he/she needs to eat some more and make it worth for every penny we invested hahahahhahahah it was so seksa and best at the same time because you'll get to eat everything they serve you but within the Ramadhan Buffet budget.

As I am a big fan of salmon, I took it very seriously though and eat as much salmon as I can. One tip on how to get a worth or even better deals when you are getting yourself into the Ramadhan Buffet, start off with the purple one because that is the most expensive plate ya I only get the game on going when they started using the calculator and I seemed to be left behind tp makan banyak dah tp tak worth sbb makan purple satu plate je :'(

That was that. We stacked up the plates after the meals and guess what? There was a group of 4 ladies sebelah our table and their plates was way too banyak like I literally cannot digest the ladies until now. We were not there to eat the moving plate je. There were also generous choices sets of rice, ice creams, miso soup and drinks but I never bother to capture them all tak tahu kenapa. My head was only focusing on them plates hahahhahahahhahah.

Whatever it is, I love my friends so much sebab I get to eat sushi after a very long sushi hiatus LOL!

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