Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cook | Chocolate Crepe Cake

Wow what a name, that is a triple C's recipe we got there!

So basically i was in the middle of doing an experiment on the making of roti jala (read: net bread/net crepes) with my sister earlier & nope, nothing good!

I was thinking of an idea and i thought on turning the roti jala batter into crepes. The ingredients for the batter were only flour, an egg, water, turmeric and salt (i tk measure sbb tula tk jadi kot ah whtevr....) and then just do like how you supposed to make crepes la.

I did the crepe cake as my final strategy on how to save my roti jala batter and it turned out to be so good ya allah! The filling was just chocolate spread with some grated chocolate milk on top of it. Its ramadhan now, so i made the crepe cake the night before so i can chill them up and dig in during suhoor later huhuhuh cant wait! :')

Here come the lame version of my ultimate crepes,

The chocolate tetumpah tumpah everywhere ya ampun

Yaz if you were in my shoes, you would probably understand the struggle behind all of this sbb you just turned everything 360 hahhahahahahha ok thats it for today cooking showz see ya in next recipe adios muchos mi amor!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Whats Wrong Haiqal?

If i were to define a thing, what would it be? 

I think i would probably choose a thing that is very near to me like some sort of what is happening right now is extremely chaos and i am not able to fix things up until i found the best solution to this problem, i will stop.

I know the only possibilities to get this thing stops is by giving it all up. Well like basically in my case its like you need to turn off all of the opportunities that occurs in front of you into something new. I let it all went by and never bother and let myself explore more about things that amused me rather than i kept thinking about things that i do not know how it will end.

It took me some time to get myself adapted with things that happened lately. I do not know when will i recover but i hope it would be this soon. Its just that in the matter of playing with one's emotion, it sure will give you the feeling of needing someone to talk to.

Up until today, I do not know how to handle this kind of problem, but from what i can tell, if i were to suffer from my own emotions, it just that better things are coming.

Friday, 19 May 2017

I Ask God Why

There was this one time I questioned God, why did He gave us the feeling of love.

The problem here my friend, I never felt I had enough. I always judge myself with every woman I saw and I always felt I can never be enough for the person I like because I thought if there could be someone that is better than me, why you choose me?

If I ever get a person who like me for my appearances, I legit would just cut him away from my life. The beautiful piece of shit I am wearing all the time was worn in order to avoid my father from getting into Jahannam thats it. I have no intention hitting on a man through my appearances. I thought its just that we human beings we like to see beautiful things. If there was a person observing me from afar looking nice and all, its just me and my responsibility. I do not see fashion as one of the medium to attract people to like and stick to me like I am some sort of a bloom flower and everyone wants a taste of honey from me. If people like me for my clothes and my appearances, please do not attach to me. Its just that if you like me, like me for who I am, like me in a way how my parents see me, like me because we both worth for each other, like me so that we can build our Iman back together and like me NOT if you think I cannot help you to get closer to God.

My parents never bother to ask why they had to take turns in babysitting all five of us and I bet your parents did the same too. So same it goes here for us. We take turns in finding each other but yet we never ask God who is the luckiest one to fit us because we know God has His own plans in making His slaves living a better lives such if its not on dunya, we will find each other in the Hereafter. I was very lucky that God has never send me one and I assume its whether He kept my heart from falling apart or because I am NOT worth for anyone sbb I sin too much :'(  But one thing for sure, if I were to date a person, I hope its for good.

Location: Masjid Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz, Shah Alam

But after all if you were meant to be with each other, how can you avoid that? One more thing, if you are stuck between two things, like some sort of "should I or should I not", just remember theres this one quote, manjadda wajadda (whoever has done the effort, he/she will succeed). Embrace the difficulties by getting into the difficulties fam.