Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Deep Thought

Hi, do you ever have a thought on getting yourself back together sbb you just ruined your life?

Let's rewind everything.

As usual, I thought beauty was the main factor to be extra special and spicy (lol?).

And I thought winning someone's heart could make my heart flustered forever.

And again I thought being extra makes a woman's job turned out easier.

Again I thought falling in love was the main idea of getting to a perfect ending.

But I have never felt I had enough. Do you?

I thought if I were to feel I am THE spotlight, I need to be extra.

(sigh) I am not sure what just happened.

My current situation now is I want to be people's favourite choice.

-Ok that was awkward & stupid-

Let me brief you about my extra and my spicy (wait what?)

I once had this thought of dating a married man.

I also had a thought of wearing black makes me look sassy.

And a thought on impromptu actions were legit could give me the greatest personality.

-That was like some sort of bodo punya speech do-

One thing that I am sure about myself is I hate being compared.

I started being someone else.

Wait why is that?

Because you will never understand and I will never give you the opportunity to understand me.

And so, I acted cool. And sassy.

Dunya is a very challenging puzzle kan? huhu.

Even I do not how to figure out my personality until now.

Tapi ingat satu je la eh (olweyz),

All the ni'mah that was given and will be given is a blessing from Allah swt.

Nak contemplate, contemplate je la tapi jangan sampai datang mudorat lak huhu bye xo

Friday, 14 April 2017

Foodgasm | Fish & Chips, Single Expresso

This is my first time entering a very nice and conducive cafe with a great taste at a very accessible price. Being a student of course you cannot run away from getting the best and cheap food in town kan but for some reason Maggie can be the main reason too when you are about to lose everything on account lol.

My roommate was on her pms the other day and she was craving for Tappers, and so I my friends, as a very dear person, I brought her to IOI Putrajaya for some Tappers-time!

I was upset that I did not get the chance to discover about this cafe earlier because my friends, the portion of their food, ma shaa Allah, only God knows how you will get off the chair with bloating cheeks and stomach.

Since I am a huge fans of coffee, I decided to try on their Single Expresso which was just ok to my tastebud. Well, you know how the expresso in some countries, they made it a little too thick so it taste like too bitter (which I prefer) and we Malaysian we suppose to like the sweet-salty after taste kan lol. But dont you worry my friends, they brewed their own coffee, thats great kan! I ordered fish & chips and the size was like so big I dont even know where to start.

So for UPM students, if you were to find a great dining place, drop off to this cafe and try on their menus, you will experience a long life satisfaction in every bite I tell you.

Location: Tappers Cafe, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Single Expresso | 5.9MYR

Fish & Chips | 14.9MYR

Sunday, 9 April 2017

If Life Resembles Coffee

If there is a will, there is a way.

I have been tremendously torn apart between my feelings. Just when the truth will suddenly appear I
wonder. I am now at my deeeeepest thought while waiting for the upcoming truth until I have come to a conclusion, I'll stop. The unspoken words were said to be told if we were matched for each other.

I know the silence.

One would not just embrace every difficulties by receiving the odd things willingly. I was beyond fascinated when I first knew you were specially gifted by God. 

If it is a real deal, I will accept that willingly of course. But you kept it silence until now, and I just cant sit still from then. I am now at my very best waiting for you to break into the silence.

I thought that a surprise shall not wait any longer and the truth must be revealed. I am sorry I might sound desperate but it just that my mind was so complex even I myself had trouble navigating it.

Well I guess that I should never expect and never assume as I need to let it be such that if it is meant to be, it will be.

Just when I thought coffee was born bitter, I would say that my life resembles the coffee lol.