Friday, 24 February 2017

Cook | Pop Up The Kernel

I always pay a visit to one of the nearest baker's shop at my house when I am home from uni. On that particular day, I was exposed to, corn kernel--where you do home made popcorn for netflix.

I bought the corn kernel at 5MYR for 1kg.

Popcorn - Studio - 2011.jpg


Using any wok, skillet or pan--pour some oil and please make sure you coat all the kernel.
I usually put about half cup of the kernel. Ok now the crucial part, cover the skillet with a lid just to make sure our kernel will not pop everywhere making party in the kitchen.

And yes, throw in some  of your favourite flavors!

Salt Bae | Salt + (your fav spices/herbs)

Sweet & Salty | Brown sugar, honey, butter and SALT

Friday, 17 February 2017

A Proper Looking

Let go and let Allah.

Salam girls,

I used to focus more on being wanted by men than to impress the Creator of men. I feel like beauty wins over everything. I started to collect beauty products, trendy clothes, taking pictures etc in order to win someone heart's. I was afraid of being unwanted but beyond all I was desperate. I realised that I just wanted to fit in, as the easiest way to be accepted was by being popular. Eventually things didnt work out the way I wanted it to be and so I sought for help. 

I find that if you want to be accepted, the very first thing you got to do my child is turn back to Allah. Let go and stop. You are worth more than the price of a precious diamond. Do not let wrong people get in your way because people talk like a lot but sadly you do not belong to them. You own yourself. It is you that is the perfect person who you need to reflect on not them that you feel so insecured about. The chances are all over you, choose the right one and start simple beacuse no one is free from sins.

I remember that I used to wear good clothes in order to seek for people's attention. That my friend, was the stupidest decision I have ever made throughout my whole journey. They say that theres light at the end of the tunnel, find that tunnel my child. I learn from my mistakes and never have I wanted to go out and wear or put something because of fashion or men anymore. I doubted myself when I first tried the wide head piece on my head but wallahi the very first thing came right out of my mind when it fell down to my shoulders was I felt secured. I know the garments that I put on my body now are not that merrier but my friend, just have faith in Allah.

Delete your expectation because you are going to get frustrated by people. Whatever you do, be sincere and shoot for the best because the result is always from Allah. If its good alhamdulillah and if its bad, you will still get to see light though--find the tunnel it leads you there :')