Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Varieties in Life

This is how I learn to get myself becoming the most (quite there...) understandable person on earth--So here it goes. 

Never have i ever wanted to be good in cooking & preparing food but I just did ops spoil alert. 

Right after my spm (read: Malaysia Certificate of Education) ended, my mom stop doing the chores during weekdays. I, of course cannot stand with the situation and from what you can tell my friends, I exploded. What came across my mind at that point was it is completely not my responsibility to keep the house under my supervision. Plus, my 92 y/o atok (read:grandad) is staying together with us. I was mad--and mom being mom, nagged. I thought of running away, but nah I couldnt live that way though. Yes from what you can tell, I stay. I was 17 at that time and being a very fresh teenager was not an optional for my family to handle my hot-tempered personality. I bet you resemble me too when you were 17 lol. 

My dad once told me that whatever I do now might be the reason for my success later. That sentence came out from him right at the moment I exploded like hell. I became speechless & never bother again to complain anything. I continued doing the chores and help everyone with almost everything. I cook, I bake, I teach the kids, I fetch them from school, I settle my atok businesses (not really a company lol), I do the chores, I feed the cats and I complain about lives being so tough but then it turned into something that is smooth and even.

As days went by, I got the call to further my studies. I cheered myself because finally I can run away from doing the so-call-job. 

But it didnt stop there oh boy.

Semester break was all about students enjoying their time at home yes? Unfortunately I am not. The chores-cycle continues for me, until now and I am ok with it. Completely okay! I remember those days where mom used to call me to the kitchen and taught me how to cook the lauk-s (read: Malaysian cuisines), well of course it was all for good ma shaa Allah. 

Being in my 20s, I finally realise that my parents and your parents wanted the best for their kids. I am not a romantic child my friends I tell you, but once I see that my family are not being taken care the way they should be, I think I need to take the responsibilities to do so. You are saying that all mothers should completely know how to handle their own family. Well my friends, actually they do--but her being a mother with only two hands, two feet and two eyes and a busy job, you might want to lessen her burden. Dont imagine about the hardwork from doing so but think about the smile that you will create along the journey of being kind to everyone.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cook | A Tale of Fish Head

I my friends, I like to eat fish heads. Yes not the mini heads my friends please dont do this. This started on that one particular day when my dad bought a lot of salmon heads from Tesco. The freezer was like pack with the fish heads only! Only! There was a lot of packs which got two heads in one polystrene plates (lol idk what to call them).

Ever since I know how to deal with the gas and control the api, I always cook and my friends I do this until now. I am currently living in my uni hostel somewhere in Selangor and whenever I got the chance to go back home, I cook. I usually dont do meal preps a week before ke apa ke because I am living with my family. Imagine if I done that, a week meal preps will go down in under a minute after the kids got back from school. Deep breath.

I am at home now because I am in the middle of my semester break. I am not working. The only job that I can do now is doing the chores and cook fish heads. I do side dishes too sbb it would be boring without them ok lame.

It has been 10 days or so since I reach home. Believe me or not, I have cooked three different dishes using the salmon heads ma shaa allah give me some applause. I made fish head curry, fish head soup and fish head in spicy and sour stew (baca: asam pedas hm acah tau). 

Even my cats do not know how to feed their mouth with the heads. The heads are good but the looks might scare you my friends. 

So back to the fish heads. 

The fish heads have various of places you can explore and taste. As for me, I only got the opportunity to sacrifice my kitchen utensils for salmon heads. 

This my friends is a salmon head. 

Wait till the gif open its mouth for you no im kidding lol. Ok never mind enough with the jokes. So, I can clean the fish heads very well regarding to its scare gills. In order to do so, you will need a high determination and never left anything unfinish such that my sister once had to clean the catfish and she got so afraid and decided to left the kitchen but instead of doing that childish part of her, she cries while cleaning the fishes.

The best part from enjoying the fish head is its eyeball ma shaa allah. Forget about the lean succulent tender flaky piece of meat, I want the eyeballs! There will always be something about big fishes we got to try on. Like the eyeballs my friends. The fatty and juicy taste of it is extremely good. The fish heads also have this kind of gelatin part of it especially in its skin. So for those who want an elegant after look, try salmon head and the eyeballs :')

Ok thats it about fish heads. Oh yes and not to forget that I eat other parts too sending my love to everyone ciao!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Perempuan? First Rant On 2k17 #malay

وَقَرۡنَ فِي بُيُوتِكُنَّ وَلَا تَبَرَّجۡنَ تَبَرُّجَ ٱلۡجَٰهِلِيَّةِ ٱلۡأُولَىٰ

Ertinya: Dan hendaklah kamu (wahai isteri-isteri Nabi) tetap di rumahmu dan janganlah kamu bertabarruj (sering keluar rumah dengan berhias dan bertingkah laku) seperti orang-orang (wanita-wanita) Jahiliah yang dahulu... [Al-Ahzab:33]

Hi! Its finally 2017 alhamdulillah! 

Harini dapat idea nak tulis pasal perempuan. Mungkin lepas kau baca ni kau akan cakap yang aku ni pun bukannya elok sangat pun pastu nak tulis benda-benda gini. Spread love guys! :')

Jadi there was this one time my friend asked me do I only wear palazzo (read: bootcut pants) on daily basis? 

Ya teman-teman benar. Dulu aku pakai je jeans tapi sebab aku gemuk yang jenis susah nak cari jeans, jadi aku selesa dengan palazzo. Jadi bilanya aku dah selesa dengan palazzo, aku pakai palazzo je la. Bukan nak cakap aku start pakai seluar tu sebab nak longgar la nak tutup aurat dengan sempurna la, tak bukan dan bukan jugak nak cakap yang kalau kau pakai jeans, haram. Kau chill je cam kalau seluar kau tak ketat pakai je lah kan. 

As time went by, aku start pakai socks. Jadi nak cakap Islam ni simple je. Aku ada kena tegur haritu sebab aku pakai stokin untuk entire aktiviti aku sepanjang kem. Aktiviti kem ni dalam hutan dan kau sentiasa kena fix yourself up and all over again sebab kau akan jadi barai after setiap aktiviti. Member sebelah tegur cakap yang sebenarnya stokin ni tak wajib pun. Ya memang ada pendapat dari Yusuf Qardhawi sendiri mengatakan kita mendapat keringan sedikit dari segi pembukaan aurat depends on your situation. Dan untuk situasi aku, aku pilih hanya untuk tidak berstokin dirumah sahaja ha gitu. Jadi untuk clarify things yang orang anggap aku tak patut buat tapi aku buat shouldn't be a burden kot untuk kau orang semua. You boleh tanya first why I buat macam tu macam ni before you letak any sign on my forehead ok?

So thats that.

Jadi aku ada ramai kawan perempuan. Semua seksi sebab semua pun perempuan. Dari yang tak suka pakai baju ke yang pakai tudung biasa ke yang pakai tudung labuh ke yang pakai niqab memang semua seksi ya aku serius. Ini kita bincang dari perspektif lelaki ya kawan-kawan bukan aku ni pervert ke suka perempuan ke tidak ya. Aku ada buat carian sikit pasal sempadan kecantikan perempuan dimata lelaki.

Aku ada baca yang lelaki ni dia nampak semua perempuan sama je sebenarnya, ya seksi. Tak kisahlah kau kurus ke gemuk ke makeup ke tak makeup ke. Tubuh badan kau saja dah seksi cik. Kau pakai longgar pun dorang nampak seksi nak kata apa lagi. Apa yang lainnya ialah kalau dia ada isteri, dia akan pilih isteri dia dan kalau dia ada awek, dia akan pergi kat awek dia. Kalau lelaki ni kak, kau cakap dia seksi macam mana pun, berahi ke ko? Itulah, Allah ciptakan kau orang perempuan ni istimewa sangat. 

Jadinya aku bukan nak suruh kau jadi macam Aisyah r.a atau macam wanita Arab pakai overall yang kelihatan hanya mata sahaja. Kita buat cara kita ok cara Malaysia agitu. Kau tak payah acah seksi pun sebab kau dah semula jadi seksi tapi kalau nak lebih seksi boleh je, pakai di rumah la dengan laki kau. Yang jenis cepat geli kalau cerita pasal kahwin mesti tengah bash aku kan ala bodo kau ingat aku fikir nak kahwin je ke sepanjang hayat aku ni. Kadang tu pemikiran orang ni kan dia ingat aku cakap benda kotor je memanjang sebab yang silapnya dia tak pernah nampak the good side within one's heart.

Nak cakap kat sini yang perempuan ni, fitrah kita ni sebenarnya suka kelihatan cantik. Tak kisah dengan siapa pun. Kita manusia, kita suka keindahan tapi satu perkara yang tak dapat kita elakkan ialah kita tak tahu sama ada kita dah cukup atau kita ni terlebih. 

Aku tanya kakak aku dia tak nak dah ke pakai baju cantik-cantik yang mama belikan/buatkan sebab dia hanya keluar pakai hitam and her ninjas (niqab lol). Dia kata abg nik (referring to her husband) kalau boleh dia nak akak pakai macam ni je kalau keluar. Jadi aku pun berfikir, mungkin ini salah satu pemikiran lelaki yang faham akan pemikiran lelaki yang lain. 

Hei gadis semua kau faham kan apa ni?

Nasihat aku untuk lebih rasa secure dalaman dan luaran, starts slow.