Sunday, 15 October 2017

Cook | Bread Pudding

Hi assalamualaikum jadi ceritanya begini. Haritu mak ayah aku pergi Tesco beli barang dapur, dan macam biasalah dekat Tesco kan ada section barang reject dgn harga murah sama ada sebab outer packaging dia dah damaged ataupun sebab expiry date dah dekat. Ye do mak aku power gila kalau pergi kat rejected section ni. Kenkadang tu sampai satu troli penuh hahahhahahahah dia macam pergi pesta memurah tau ha gitu. Pastu lagi satu orang melayu kita tak amik port sgt kt section ni tak tahu kenapa. Selalu tu mak aku berebut dgn aunty aunty cina je ;)

Jadi pada hari itu adalah momen momen gemilang ayah aku la. Dia berjaya dapat 3 tub plain yogurt hahahhaha 3 TUB weh 3! Kalau plain yogurt ni yang makannya aku dengan kakak aku je sebab dia takdak rasa jadi adik-adik aku yang serba moden ni mestilah tak makan. 


Disebabkan 3 TUB yogurt yang dah dekat dgn expiry date itu selalu menghantui hidup aku dan kakak aku, jadi kiteorang sering memikirkan resepi indah untuk diberi kepada budak-budak ni. Haritu kakak aku dah bantai buat chocolate smoothies jadi sekarang giliran aku untuk gunakan tub kedua yogurt dgn sebaiknya.

Alang-alang ada banyak stok roti dan telur kat rumah, aku pun buat lah bread pudding. Aku gantikan susu dengan yogurt. Takdak susu langsung tau dalam bread pudding aku ha gitu. Semua pun tahu kan aku kalau share resepi semua bantai ikut suka aku je sebab tu semua turn out to be so rustic hahahhahahahah.


8-10 keping roti
3 biji telur gred A
+-6 sd besar plain yogurt
secoet esen vanila
3 sd besar gula

Ok mula-mula mestilah kau kena panaskan oven--suhu 150C api atas bawah.

Sekarang kau kena sapu roti kau dgn butter/marjerin dan seterusnya ikut kau lah nak potong ke nak koyak ke roti tu. Aku potong segi tiga je. Ok, di dalam mangkuk, masukkan telur, yogurt, vanila, gula dan secubit garam dan kacau.

Susun roti kau dalam loyang mak kau yang dah bersapu butter tu. Selang selikan dengan kismis/coklat/kekacang. Pastu curah je member yang dalam mangkuk tu atas roti. Pastikan dia tenggelam tau. Tips disini ialah kau kena soak roti tu dalam liquid dia lama sikit sebab kita tak guna susu kan so dia pekat sikit.

Dah siap soak tu, kau tabur gula sikit atas roti kau tu ala-ala creme brulee tu. Ok pastu bakar 30 minit. Api tu slow and steady je. Nanti dah habis 30 minit, kau naikkan suhu 180C dan tukar api atas untuk efek keperang-perangan gitu. Yang ni kau buat dalam seminit dua je tau sambil kau awasi oven kau hahahhahaha. Aku semalam buat 10 minit habis hangus terus bahagian atas bread pudding aku hahahhahahahahhah. Tapi takpe yang penting ada rasa dan moist-moist manja gitu.

Sorry la buruk bebenau rupanya tapi rasanya sangat indah hehe.

Nak efek lagi sedap, buat sos kastard. Aku takde susu, jadi malas nak buat huhu.


Quick updated, sebab kakak aku nak gak bread pudding ni jadi aku buat lagi sekali tadi huhu.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Foodgasm | Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet 2017

Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet T&C <-- click here for terms & conditions

If you noticed my labels on the right-sided layout, you know that I only shared the things I like and I love to do. Yes, that is the beauty of the tagging, it gives you the urge to write more about your interests. 

I was at Sushi King the other day, hunting and munching for some me time as it happened to be my final's week also during that particular week. As far as I concern, I believe you guys had already know about the Sushi King Ramadhan Buffet which turned out to be the best news ever for us students. Oh and by the way, I went to Sushi King at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya and only get to eat at 8.30pm because it was already full during ifthar (REMEMBER TO MAKE A RESERVATION WHEN ITS  RAMADHAN).

I was participating with another 4 friends of mine and we were like calculating our meals individually and whoever comes with a total of less than from the money we had to pay, it'll not be worth for him/her to indulge so he/she needs to eat some more and make it worth for every penny we invested hahahahhahahah it was so seksa and best at the same time because you'll get to eat everything they serve you but within the Ramadhan Buffet budget.

As I am a big fan of salmon, I took it very seriously though and eat as much salmon as I can. One tip on how to get a worth or even better deals when you are getting yourself into the Ramadhan Buffet, start off with the purple one because that is the most expensive plate ya I only get the game on going when they started using the calculator and I seemed to be left behind tp makan banyak dah tp tak worth sbb makan purple satu plate je :'(

That was that. We stacked up the plates after the meals and guess what? There was a group of 4 ladies sebelah our table and their plates was way too banyak like I literally cannot digest the ladies until now. We were not there to eat the moving plate je. There were also generous choices sets of rice, ice creams, miso soup and drinks but I never bother to capture them all tak tahu kenapa. My head was only focusing on them plates hahahhahahahhahah.

Whatever it is, I love my friends so much sebab I get to eat sushi after a very long sushi hiatus LOL!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Ramadhan 2017

Assalammualaikum everyone!

Alhamdulillah it has been a great 15 days in Ramadhan kan ma shaa Allah. I hope we can fulfil our ultimate wishes on becoming a better person during this Ramadhan cuz cmon boi we only get to see this holy month once a year kot huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh. Its 10th of June today and I am left with 2 more papers and iA I will be home by next week yay! 

So how was Ramadhan so far?

My Ramadhan is such a bless! I have a planned on I want to khatam Quran by the end of Ramadhan hehehheheheh (please make du'a for me may you have a bless ramadhan ameen!). The way on how to finish reading the whole Quran is simple je actually, lagi-lagi kalau you lelaki sebab you mana period kan so dia cam you tak payah nak susah-susah terkejar-kejar your tajweed la, serabut nak masak la apa la kan ok atodia im so into this. So camni, I already had a vision before Ramadhan lagi yang by 15th Ramadhan, I need to finish separuh dari Quran tu and alhamdulillah I did yay :') Its just that I need to speed up sbb I am going to get my period soon soooooooo thats why I said if you were a man, you tak payah serabut terkejar-kejar pun hahahhhahhahah what a special creature Allah made you guys.

Besides from khatam Quran, I also wanted to be better than I used to behave. The Quran really helps me, like literally a lot! From reciting the Quran, I get to control my emotions, my sabr, my mouth, my personality memang cam everything started from the Quran. Dia cam triggered hahhahahhah. From the past past past Ramadhan, never have I bothered to khatam the Quran and the only thing I wanted  to do was to fit in, and so I joined the tadarus but I am not into khatam-ing the Quran pun. Ye kau tak percaya kan tapi aku serious. I am not that good pun, its just people asyik see me from my outer layer so they keep on seeing my perfections instead of my flaws.

My decision on becoming a better person didnt took me like 2 days guys please. If you guys want to know, I barely read the Quran when I was younger and last year was my very first time khatam the Quran at the age of 19, yes very late I know. I had my ups and downs, and still I did. I get the education, I totally get it. I know how to pray, I know how to read Quran with tajweed, I know how to recite everything but you know, I forgot to seek for Him.

Upon my past, I tagged along with Ramadhan. I just love Ramadhan, the way it is. I reunite myself and Quran during Ramadhan too! I would probably still lost now if someone didnt grab me then. I know some might see me as I am way better than them, tapi tu la, I am just like you guys. I used to be a sinner and I still do. But one thing for sure, I would never give up on changing myself for a better me. 

Remember to purify your niat tu je sebenarnya and please tag along with good people like even if you cant pun, kawan je dengan saya sebab saya pun lemas gak kenkadang kawan dengan yang baik je hhahhahahahhahahahahhahahahha ok glub glub glub. Dia macam kalau you are bad and I am just like you, why cant we be friends and change for the better version of us kan? Ya atodia glub glub glub bye everyone salam ramadhan may this Ramadhan going to be the coolest Ramadhan for you and your love ones yay!

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Cook | Chocolate Crepe Cake

Wow what a name, that is a triple C's recipe we got there!

So basically i was in the middle of doing an experiment on the making of roti jala (read: net bread/net crepes) with my sister earlier & nope, nothing good!

I was thinking of an idea and i thought on turning the roti jala batter into crepes. The ingredients for the batter were only flour, an egg, water, turmeric and salt (i tk measure sbb tula tk jadi kot ah whtevr....) and then just do like how you supposed to make crepes la.

I did the crepe cake as my final strategy on how to save my roti jala batter and it turned out to be so good ya allah! The filling was just chocolate spread with some grated chocolate milk on top of it. Its ramadhan now, so i made the crepe cake the night before so i can chill them up and dig in during suhoor later huhuhuh cant wait! :')

Here come the lame version of my ultimate crepes,

The chocolate tetumpah tumpah everywhere ya ampun

Yaz if you were in my shoes, you would probably understand the struggle behind all of this sbb you just turned everything 360 hahhahahahahha ok thats it for today cooking showz see ya in next recipe adios muchos mi amor!

Friday, 26 May 2017

Whats Wrong Haiqal?

If i were to define a thing, what would it be? 

I think i would probably choose a thing that is very near to me like some sort of what is happening right now is extremely chaos and i am not able to fix things up until i found the best solution to this problem, i will stop.

I know the only possibilities to get this thing stops is by giving it all up. Well like basically in my case its like you need to turn off all of the opportunities that occurs in front of you into something new. I let it all went by and never bother and let myself explore more about things that amused me rather than i kept thinking about things that i do not know how it will end.

It took me some time to get myself adapted with things that happened lately. I do not know when will i recover but i hope it would be this soon. Its just that in the matter of playing with one's emotion, it sure will give you the feeling of needing someone to talk to.

Up until today, I do not know how to handle this kind of problem, but from what i can tell, if i were to suffer from my own emotions, it just that better things are coming.

Friday, 19 May 2017

I Ask God Why

There was this one time I questioned God, why did He gave us the feeling of love.

The problem here my friend, I never felt I had enough. I always judge myself with every woman I saw and I always felt I can never be enough for the person I like because I thought if there could be someone that is better than me, why you choose me?

If I ever get a person who like me for my appearances, I legit would just cut him away from my life. The beautiful piece of shit I am wearing all the time was worn in order to avoid my father from getting into Jahannam thats it. I have no intention hitting on a man through my appearances. I thought its just that we human beings we like to see beautiful things. If there was a person observing me from afar looking nice and all, its just me and my responsibility. I do not see fashion as one of the medium to attract people to like and stick to me like I am some sort of a bloom flower and everyone wants a taste of honey from me. If people like me for my clothes and my appearances, please do not attach to me. Its just that if you like me, like me for who I am, like me in a way how my parents see me, like me because we both worth for each other, like me so that we can build our Iman back together and like me NOT if you think I cannot help you to get closer to God.

My parents never bother to ask why they had to take turns in babysitting all five of us and I bet your parents did the same too. So same it goes here for us. We take turns in finding each other but yet we never ask God who is the luckiest one to fit us because we know God has His own plans in making His slaves living a better lives such if its not on dunya, we will find each other in the Hereafter. I was very lucky that God has never send me one and I assume its whether He kept my heart from falling apart or because I am NOT worth for anyone sbb I sin too much :'(  But one thing for sure, if I were to date a person, I hope its for good.

Location: Masjid Sultan Salahudin Abdul Aziz, Shah Alam

But after all if you were meant to be with each other, how can you avoid that? One more thing, if you are stuck between two things, like some sort of "should I or should I not", just remember theres this one quote, manjadda wajadda (whoever has done the effort, he/she will succeed). Embrace the difficulties by getting into the difficulties fam.


Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Deep Thought

Hi, do you ever have a thought on getting yourself back together sbb you just ruined your life?

Let's rewind everything.

As usual, I thought beauty was the main factor to be extra special and spicy (lol?).

And I thought winning someone's heart could make my heart flustered forever.

And again I thought being extra makes a woman's job turned out easier.

Again I thought falling in love was the main idea of getting to a perfect ending.

But I have never felt I had enough. Do you?

I thought if I were to feel I am THE spotlight, I need to be extra.

(sigh) I am not sure what just happened.

My current situation now is I want to be people's favourite choice.

-Ok that was awkward & stupid-

Let me brief you about my extra and my spicy (wait what?)

I once had this thought of dating a married man.

I also had a thought of wearing black makes me look sassy.

And a thought on impromptu actions were legit could give me the greatest personality.

-That was like some sort of bodo punya speech do-

One thing that I am sure about myself is I hate being compared.

I started being someone else.

Wait why is that?

Because you will never understand and I will never give you the opportunity to understand me.

And so, I acted cool. And sassy.

Dunya is a very challenging puzzle kan? huhu.

Even I do not how to figure out my personality until now.

Tapi ingat satu je la eh (olweyz),

All the ni'mah that was given and will be given is a blessing from Allah swt.

Nak contemplate, contemplate je la tapi jangan sampai datang mudorat lak huhu bye xo

Friday, 14 April 2017

Foodgasm | Fish & Chips, Single Expresso

This is my first time entering a very nice and conducive cafe with a great taste at a very accessible price. Being a student of course you cannot run away from getting the best and cheap food in town kan but for some reason Maggie can be the main reason too when you are about to lose everything on account lol.

My roommate was on her pms the other day and she was craving for Tappers, and so I my friends, as a very dear person, I brought her to IOI Putrajaya for some Tappers-time!

I was upset that I did not get the chance to discover about this cafe earlier because my friends, the portion of their food, ma shaa Allah, only God knows how you will get off the chair with bloating cheeks and stomach.

Since I am a huge fans of coffee, I decided to try on their Single Expresso which was just ok to my tastebud. Well, you know how the expresso in some countries, they made it a little too thick so it taste like too bitter (which I prefer) and we Malaysian we suppose to like the sweet-salty after taste kan lol. But dont you worry my friends, they brewed their own coffee, thats great kan! I ordered fish & chips and the size was like so big I dont even know where to start.

So for UPM students, if you were to find a great dining place, drop off to this cafe and try on their menus, you will experience a long life satisfaction in every bite I tell you.

Location: Tappers Cafe, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Single Expresso | 5.9MYR

Fish & Chips | 14.9MYR

Sunday, 9 April 2017

If Life Resembles Coffee

If there is a will, there is a way.

I have been tremendously torn apart between my feelings. Just when the truth will suddenly appear I
wonder. I am now at my deeeeepest thought while waiting for the upcoming truth until I have come to a conclusion, I'll stop. The unspoken words were said to be told if we were matched for each other.

I know the silence.

One would not just embrace every difficulties by receiving the odd things willingly. I was beyond fascinated when I first knew you were specially gifted by God. 

If it is a real deal, I will accept that willingly of course. But you kept it silence until now, and I just cant sit still from then. I am now at my very best waiting for you to break into the silence.

I thought that a surprise shall not wait any longer and the truth must be revealed. I am sorry I might sound desperate but it just that my mind was so complex even I myself had trouble navigating it.

Well I guess that I should never expect and never assume as I need to let it be such that if it is meant to be, it will be.

Just when I thought coffee was born bitter, I would say that my life resembles the coffee lol.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

“Nafs” #malay

Kadang-kala Allah tidak menghadirkan seseorang untuk setia membantu kau. Apa yang Dia hadirkan adalah cara dan rasa. Mungkin sesetengah lelaki yang pernah hadir dan tidak menyapa hanya dihadirkan untuk rasa bukan syurga.

Niat tidak menghalalkan cara – Kenapa tidak?

“Nafs”. Perkataan yang sering aku ungkap dalam setiap permintaan disaat aku jatuh dimakan diri aku sendiri. Betapa aku benci dengan rasa nafs itu sendiri. Hadirnya satu senyuman itu hanyalah sementara. Hadirnya gembira itu hanyalah sementara. Hadirnya rasa lantang itu hanyalah sementara. Hadirnya apa yang manusia sangka tentang aku itu hanyalah sementara. Seringkali aku menyuarakan aku, perihal aku.  Satu kata penghargaan untuk nikmat ini. Aku, tersungkur bertuhankan nafs.

Aku hidup dizaman dimana setiap manusia memerhati dan menghukum. Tudung aku selalu dipersalahkan walhal yang buruk itu aku bukan tudung. Mengapa begitu prejudis apabila pemikiran manusia itu sendiri boleh dipusing dan dijaga rapi. Datangnya rasa bukan dari hati, Tuhan yang beri. Jadi kenapa yang mudah boleh bertukar komplikasi?  Aku berdiri atas dasar masih utuhnya akar di hati. Rosaknya aku kerana aku. Baiknya aku kerana aku. Jangan abadikan diri untuk nafs sebab bila dah jadi dia akan makan diri dan tidak akan pernah berhenti jika hati belum suci.

Tentang lelaki mudah sahaja untuk aku toleransi.

Begini. Ada segelintir umat tidak betah bila aku bercakap tentang layaknya seseorang untuk melayari bahtera perkahwinan. Katanya, masalah umat masih belum selesai dan aku sepertinya tidak mengambil kisah tentang perihal umat itu sendiri sebab yang aku kisah hanya kahwin, kahwin dan kahwin.

Kenapa tidak kahwin?

Aku sendiri tidak faham dengan segelintir manusia yang berfikiran macam ni. Kenalan lelaki aku, jika hendak aku bercerita tentang 1001 aib mereka pasti kau akan fikir aku ni perempuan yang tak tahu malu. Mereka juga bernafsu wahai wanita solehah. Seandainya kau hendak membawa para ambiya’ ini ke jalan yang benar dan membenarkan Islam itu berdiri semula, mengapa tidak dengan perkahwinan? Manusia semakin bertuhankan nafsu wahai wanita solehah yang berwawasan. Gigihnya aku menulis perbahasan ini kerana mungkin satu hari nanti generasi yang kau tidak bantu itu akan membuatkan kita hidup dikalangan generasi anak tidak berstatus dan satu daripada cara aku untuk bantu hanyalah dari segi aku menerangkan dengan lantang disini. Kau bilang umat itu semakin luntur akidahnya akhlaknya tetapi mengapa yang kau bantu hanya yang sudah semakin menuju ke penamatnya? Mengapa tidak yang belum tahu bertatih itu kau bantu? Pihak yang baru mengenali aku hanya tahu mengukur peribadi luaran aku dan berfikiran jika begini pakaian aku pasni aku ni tidak mudah untuk jatuh ditangan manusia yang biasa-biasa. Kenapa perlu kamu berfikir jauh jika tahu isi kandungan kamu tidak jitu wahai manusia? Aku pernah bertuhankan nafs dan mungkin Allah akan kurniakan satu perang besar antara aku dan nafs lagi.

Jadi sekarang, siapa yang mampu nak protes cara kerja Allah yang mampu bolak-balikkan isi hati kau dan aku?

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Beauty | It Defines You


Ok lets start with a simple one. I finally have my own kind of vision of how I am going to treat myself very well. The problem is I just do not know how to keep on doing things constantly. I used to start off with something but I just do not know how to keep the track frictionless like at some point things would probably getting worse as time went by. 

I fix things, but things do not solve like in a snap though. Now imagine, you are going to treat someone you dislike, would you rather? The consequences of treating someone you dislike is like a major disturbing problem don't you agree? I have to face a lot of people including people whom I dislike and the love ones, basically everyone! If I were to layan my ego and let go everything that seems to be so childish, why would I? Why would I make fun of my own personality, please get me a 100 pages contract for god sake. I do not have that kind of unwanted feelings dah. I do feel like acting cool by locking those positive vibes inside you is one of the way to RE-create and empower your inner beauty ok cmon why Too Faced Sweet Peach pallete is "compulsory" now when spreading awareness is something you could done long long time ago yes yo bitch you better be right next time yo.

The method of completing this sudden changes do not just occured in one night my friends what did you expect? I do research gak sometimes, yes on ME. I remember last time, I defined beauty as something you see on the skin kot, yes basically on the outer layer of what the women serve to them men la. I have this one quote sticking on my mind and it keeps on rolling over and over again like "AS YOU GOT FAIRIER, YOU RULE 'EM" yes mmg cam haram...

I used to like this one man. I would sacrifice everything for him, everything but yet, he does not even know I have the feelings of conquering his heart. Wait! Its too early for you to say I should get a life, chill yo. Sacrifice here means that I do things just to impress him, the man. Luckily, good things yet happen to come for a lonely and unwanted kiddos like me to accept every consequences from Him I received best before I met him. 

Things work out as what I planned so far alhamdulillah. I managed to spread awareness to myself now praised to God and yet to come in shaa Allah to all of you guys. Let the whisperers whispered things you shouldnt take for granted turned vice versa ok? 

One thing for sure, hu$tle hard yo!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Travelogue | Gua Tempurung, Perak

Gua Tempurung is one of the longest caves in Peninsular Malaysia located in Gopeng, Perak. The whole day exploration journey was d-bomb! It was hella fun!

We started at 11.30am and ended at 3.30pm yes was that fun or was that fun huhuh. I even get a long cut down under my pants back in the cave--the excitement was real my child ma shaa Allah!

Click the link down here my child if you wish to go there and GET A CUT AT YOUR PANTS LOL...


Friday, 24 February 2017

Cook | Pop Up The Kernel

I always pay a visit to one of the nearest baker's shop at my house when I am home from uni. On that particular day, I was exposed to, corn kernel--where you do home made popcorn for netflix.

I bought the corn kernel at 5MYR for 1kg.

Popcorn - Studio - 2011.jpg


Using any wok, skillet or pan--pour some oil and please make sure you coat all the kernel.
I usually put about half cup of the kernel. Ok now the crucial part, cover the skillet with a lid just to make sure our kernel will not pop everywhere making party in the kitchen.

And yes, throw in some  of your favourite flavors!

Salt Bae | Salt + (your fav spices/herbs)

Sweet & Salty | Brown sugar, honey, butter and SALT

Friday, 17 February 2017

A Proper Looking

Let go and let Allah.

Salam girls,

I used to focus more on being wanted by men than to impress the Creator of men. I feel like beauty wins over everything. I started to collect beauty products, trendy clothes, taking pictures etc in order to win someone heart's. I was afraid of being unwanted but beyond all I was desperate. I realised that I just wanted to fit in, as the easiest way to be accepted was by being popular. Eventually things didnt work out the way I wanted it to be and so I sought for help. 

I find that if you want to be accepted, the very first thing you got to do my child is turn back to Allah. Let go and stop. You are worth more than the price of a precious diamond. Do not let wrong people get in your way because people talk like a lot but sadly you do not belong to them. You own yourself. It is you that is the perfect person who you need to reflect on not them that you feel so insecured about. The chances are all over you, choose the right one and start simple beacuse no one is free from sins.

I remember that I used to wear good clothes in order to seek for people's attention. That my friend, was the stupidest decision I have ever made throughout my whole journey. They say that theres light at the end of the tunnel, find that tunnel my child. I learn from my mistakes and never have I wanted to go out and wear or put something because of fashion or men anymore. I doubted myself when I first tried the wide head piece on my head but wallahi the very first thing came right out of my mind when it fell down to my shoulders was I felt secured. I know the garments that I put on my body now are not that merrier but my friend, just have faith in Allah.

Delete your expectation because you are going to get frustrated by people. Whatever you do, be sincere and shoot for the best because the result is always from Allah. If its good alhamdulillah and if its bad, you will still get to see light though--find the tunnel it leads you there :')


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Varieties in Life

This is how I learn to get myself becoming the most (quite there...) understandable person on earth--So here it goes. 

Never have i ever wanted to be good in cooking & preparing food but I just did ops spoil alert. 

Right after my spm (read: Malaysia Certificate of Education) ended, my mom stop doing the chores during weekdays. I, of course cannot stand with the situation and from what you can tell my friends, I exploded. What came across my mind at that point was it is completely not my responsibility to keep the house under my supervision. Plus, my 92 y/o atok (read:grandad) is staying together with us. I was mad--and mom being mom, nagged. I thought of running away, but nah I couldnt live that way though. Yes from what you can tell, I stay. I was 17 at that time and being a very fresh teenager was not an optional for my family to handle my hot-tempered personality. I bet you resemble me too when you were 17 lol. 

My dad once told me that whatever I do now might be the reason for my success later. That sentence came out from him right at the moment I exploded like hell. I became speechless & never bother again to complain anything. I continued doing the chores and help everyone with almost everything. I cook, I bake, I teach the kids, I fetch them from school, I settle my atok businesses (not really a company lol), I do the chores, I feed the cats and I complain about lives being so tough but then it turned into something that is smooth and even.

As days went by, I got the call to further my studies. I cheered myself because finally I can run away from doing the so-call-job. 

But it didnt stop there oh boy.

Semester break was all about students enjoying their time at home yes? Unfortunately I am not. The chores-cycle continues for me, until now and I am ok with it. Completely okay! I remember those days where mom used to call me to the kitchen and taught me how to cook the lauk-s (read: Malaysian cuisines), well of course it was all for good ma shaa Allah. 

Being in my 20s, I finally realise that my parents and your parents wanted the best for their kids. I am not a romantic child my friends I tell you, but once I see that my family are not being taken care the way they should be, I think I need to take the responsibilities to do so. You are saying that all mothers should completely know how to handle their own family. Well my friends, actually they do--but her being a mother with only two hands, two feet and two eyes and a busy job, you might want to lessen her burden. Dont imagine about the hardwork from doing so but think about the smile that you will create along the journey of being kind to everyone.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Cook | A Tale of Fish Head

I my friends, I like to eat fish heads. Yes not the mini heads my friends please dont do this. This started on that one particular day when my dad bought a lot of salmon heads from Tesco. The freezer was like pack with the fish heads only! Only! There was a lot of packs which got two heads in one polystrene plates (lol idk what to call them).

Ever since I know how to deal with the gas and control the api, I always cook and my friends I do this until now. I am currently living in my uni hostel somewhere in Selangor and whenever I got the chance to go back home, I cook. I usually dont do meal preps a week before ke apa ke because I am living with my family. Imagine if I done that, a week meal preps will go down in under a minute after the kids got back from school. Deep breath.

I am at home now because I am in the middle of my semester break. I am not working. The only job that I can do now is doing the chores and cook fish heads. I do side dishes too sbb it would be boring without them ok lame.

It has been 10 days or so since I reach home. Believe me or not, I have cooked three different dishes using the salmon heads ma shaa allah give me some applause. I made fish head curry, fish head soup and fish head in spicy and sour stew (baca: asam pedas hm acah tau). 

Even my cats do not know how to feed their mouth with the heads. The heads are good but the looks might scare you my friends. 

So back to the fish heads. 

The fish heads have various of places you can explore and taste. As for me, I only got the opportunity to sacrifice my kitchen utensils for salmon heads. 

This my friends is a salmon head. 

Wait till the gif open its mouth for you no im kidding lol. Ok never mind enough with the jokes. So, I can clean the fish heads very well regarding to its scare gills. In order to do so, you will need a high determination and never left anything unfinish such that my sister once had to clean the catfish and she got so afraid and decided to left the kitchen but instead of doing that childish part of her, she cries while cleaning the fishes.

The best part from enjoying the fish head is its eyeball ma shaa allah. Forget about the lean succulent tender flaky piece of meat, I want the eyeballs! There will always be something about big fishes we got to try on. Like the eyeballs my friends. The fatty and juicy taste of it is extremely good. The fish heads also have this kind of gelatin part of it especially in its skin. So for those who want an elegant after look, try salmon head and the eyeballs :')

Ok thats it about fish heads. Oh yes and not to forget that I eat other parts too sending my love to everyone ciao!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Perempuan? First Rant On 2k17 #malay

وَقَرۡنَ فِي بُيُوتِكُنَّ وَلَا تَبَرَّجۡنَ تَبَرُّجَ ٱلۡجَٰهِلِيَّةِ ٱلۡأُولَىٰ

Ertinya: Dan hendaklah kamu (wahai isteri-isteri Nabi) tetap di rumahmu dan janganlah kamu bertabarruj (sering keluar rumah dengan berhias dan bertingkah laku) seperti orang-orang (wanita-wanita) Jahiliah yang dahulu... [Al-Ahzab:33]

Hi! Its finally 2017 alhamdulillah! 

Harini dapat idea nak tulis pasal perempuan. Mungkin lepas kau baca ni kau akan cakap yang aku ni pun bukannya elok sangat pun pastu nak tulis benda-benda gini. Spread love guys! :')

Jadi there was this one time my friend asked me do I only wear palazzo (read: bootcut pants) on daily basis? 

Ya teman-teman benar. Dulu aku pakai je jeans tapi sebab aku gemuk yang jenis susah nak cari jeans, jadi aku selesa dengan palazzo. Jadi bilanya aku dah selesa dengan palazzo, aku pakai palazzo je la. Bukan nak cakap aku start pakai seluar tu sebab nak longgar la nak tutup aurat dengan sempurna la, tak bukan dan bukan jugak nak cakap yang kalau kau pakai jeans, haram. Kau chill je cam kalau seluar kau tak ketat pakai je lah kan. 

As time went by, aku start pakai socks. Jadi nak cakap Islam ni simple je. Aku ada kena tegur haritu sebab aku pakai stokin untuk entire aktiviti aku sepanjang kem. Aktiviti kem ni dalam hutan dan kau sentiasa kena fix yourself up and all over again sebab kau akan jadi barai after setiap aktiviti. Member sebelah tegur cakap yang sebenarnya stokin ni tak wajib pun. Ya memang ada pendapat dari Yusuf Qardhawi sendiri mengatakan kita mendapat keringan sedikit dari segi pembukaan aurat depends on your situation. Dan untuk situasi aku, aku pilih hanya untuk tidak berstokin dirumah sahaja ha gitu. Jadi untuk clarify things yang orang anggap aku tak patut buat tapi aku buat shouldn't be a burden kot untuk kau orang semua. You boleh tanya first why I buat macam tu macam ni before you letak any sign on my forehead ok?

So thats that.

Jadi aku ada ramai kawan perempuan. Semua seksi sebab semua pun perempuan. Dari yang tak suka pakai baju ke yang pakai tudung biasa ke yang pakai tudung labuh ke yang pakai niqab memang semua seksi ya aku serius. Ini kita bincang dari perspektif lelaki ya kawan-kawan bukan aku ni pervert ke suka perempuan ke tidak ya. Aku ada buat carian sikit pasal sempadan kecantikan perempuan dimata lelaki.

Aku ada baca yang lelaki ni dia nampak semua perempuan sama je sebenarnya, ya seksi. Tak kisahlah kau kurus ke gemuk ke makeup ke tak makeup ke. Tubuh badan kau saja dah seksi cik. Kau pakai longgar pun dorang nampak seksi nak kata apa lagi. Apa yang lainnya ialah kalau dia ada isteri, dia akan pilih isteri dia dan kalau dia ada awek, dia akan pergi kat awek dia. Kalau lelaki ni kak, kau cakap dia seksi macam mana pun, berahi ke ko? Itulah, Allah ciptakan kau orang perempuan ni istimewa sangat. 

Jadinya aku bukan nak suruh kau jadi macam Aisyah r.a atau macam wanita Arab pakai overall yang kelihatan hanya mata sahaja. Kita buat cara kita ok cara Malaysia agitu. Kau tak payah acah seksi pun sebab kau dah semula jadi seksi tapi kalau nak lebih seksi boleh je, pakai di rumah la dengan laki kau. Yang jenis cepat geli kalau cerita pasal kahwin mesti tengah bash aku kan ala bodo kau ingat aku fikir nak kahwin je ke sepanjang hayat aku ni. Kadang tu pemikiran orang ni kan dia ingat aku cakap benda kotor je memanjang sebab yang silapnya dia tak pernah nampak the good side within one's heart.

Nak cakap kat sini yang perempuan ni, fitrah kita ni sebenarnya suka kelihatan cantik. Tak kisah dengan siapa pun. Kita manusia, kita suka keindahan tapi satu perkara yang tak dapat kita elakkan ialah kita tak tahu sama ada kita dah cukup atau kita ni terlebih. 

Aku tanya kakak aku dia tak nak dah ke pakai baju cantik-cantik yang mama belikan/buatkan sebab dia hanya keluar pakai hitam and her ninjas (niqab lol). Dia kata abg nik (referring to her husband) kalau boleh dia nak akak pakai macam ni je kalau keluar. Jadi aku pun berfikir, mungkin ini salah satu pemikiran lelaki yang faham akan pemikiran lelaki yang lain. 

Hei gadis semua kau faham kan apa ni?

Nasihat aku untuk lebih rasa secure dalaman dan luaran, starts slow.