Wednesday, 9 November 2016


So lets talk about hopes.

You know that sometimes we women we love to be treated like a princess even if you are not that feminine pun hahahahhahah ok.

So basically I am one of the person who likes to tell someone they are beautiful like if possible I want to tell them that for every single second. You know how the women out there, some of them they just cant bring the beauty itself into different perspectives. They think beauty comes only within our faces and our fashion sense. Regarding to that, I have to object them and turns that into a new vibe. Positive vibes! 

Some might think that I done this in order to just jaga hati member or like some sort of I wanted to brag myself up sebab later mesti kena puji balik lol.

So let say if I am the brag queen, what are you guys?

You ought to think that beauty can only be used in terms of she is a model and she is thin, no mistakes, she is the queen. THE queen. 

I am there, telling myself out to everyone, Hey you look beautiful today, in order for you to realise that your beauty is you. Its just you. YOURSELF. You dont even need me to tell you that you are beautiful you bloody women cuz girls I aint need you to tell me that I am pretty too or I am prettier than you or whatever it just I wanted you to feel your own beauty standard je. I want you to stop degrading yourself.

Yes keep on comparing yourself to other girls, still they cannot be you. They do not own your beauty standard because we are different girls cmon please cmon. Dont get mad if suddenly I come to you and brag about things up, it just I wanted you to feel happy and knowing that you are beautiful too.

Dont give a f about not having a boyfriend lagi ke, you have excess weight ke or you are not happy with the environment ke dgaf pun damn. Just think about you ok? Crystal enough if I let this hang in here kan so there you go, bye.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Lonely. Dark. Windy. Chilly. Like you are not sure of what you are doing.

They had a late night conversation. Very late. Late as if your parents probably become mad if you were that late. She wasnt sure whats that they were into but its kind of weird to have those late night conversations keep on going since they were together. Not that shes not into him but it felt kinda awkward 'this' has to be continued forward.


"What if he's not the one?", "What if we are not for each other?", "What if you stop asking too much and save that for later?"

That what if made her realised life can be so complicated until theres no limit to everything that mans do. She didnt get it. She`couldnt find the answers for every question she had. 

Up till now, she is seeking for something indefinable. Help!