Friday, 27 May 2016

A proper gestures

Hello kids.

I am right now thinking about who the hell would read my posts because basically im not writing based on topics or trends.

Thinking about it again its getting quite boring here tbh but ya as im not talking to people so much thats why im here what else can you say.

So well lets have a proper meeting yes.

Hello! Im haiqal and im 19. I like to cook and i write. I do poems not novels to be exact. I literally wasting my words in here or in a book.

I can see how exactly you have been admiring me because this is not your first time here yes?

If anything, you can just contact me via email because im not just wasting my time on writing, i listen and i read too. So ya! Lets have a very proper meeting if you are interested bye for now xx

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Taking Control.

hello to all the 19 yo kiddos out there.
listen to me or just read 😒

i am 19. you know how it feels to feel 19 and still ugly. im not saying that im not thankful for my life indeed i am. but you know what i am talking about. its about appearances. as everyone around me are beautifully dressed in their own 19yo-dress-code, apparently im here with my black dress pattern. i have this one thought of not having a boyfriend until now because of my dull dress code and my zero reaction body language.

i dont know where im about but my friends are all beautiful you cannot simply say theres one. they are all dress in great styles, from their hijab to their shoes. while im here with my black jubah, black tudung and my sport shoes. can u imagine how am i going to turn out? ya my mother disapproved my style and call me like im some sort of a girl who doesnt know who the heck is barbie. like barbie is so great until she has her own movie and a youtube channel and ken and everyone keeps adoring her from a teddy bear to a unicorn to a maid to a stepmother im going to kill barbie.

nowadays, technologies have been tremendously widen apart within social medias, blogs, ads, websites, .....younameit. if you have a great appearances, you are good to go. with that great appearances only, you shall run the world by yourself cuz everyone will come to you with one knee down and worshipping you like you are the only one left behind to be their future wife, girlfriend, model, sister, role model, .....younameityouknowbetter.

what is left behind for me is, none. all this while you guys have been treating me like crap. not to say every each of you bcs i still have a lot of good friend spreading the good vibes. but to you guys who always giving me the very disrespect negativity thoughts (omg i said this with an aggresive sound of hatred in my heart astaghfirullahalazim), please keep it away cuz you know if i shine later, im afraid you will be expired.

as a 19 yo idk what to call is it a femminist? ah whatever.

as a 19 yo kid, i have this one thought of not only getting ready for my 20s based on fashion and stuffs, but also to get rid of my unbalance ego and temper and being secretive way too obvious and stress-out. the word is not to get rid but how im suppose to control my behaviour in my early days so i can lead myself towards the old ones.

taking control in life is not only about how you remain your relationship with your love ones or when is the right time for you to have a complete set of make up brushes but it goes deeper as you learn how to maintain your life and make it as calm as you wanted it to be. you deserve to control anything in your life starting with, making a small decision turns great.

Friday, 20 May 2016

spell it out

good news. if u run a business, u dont need to do anyhing just lay ur ass down on ur cosy bed and get the order from ur cust thru ws. or just wasting ur time using ur phone and forget abt ur responsibilities and leave it behind for anyone to settle it down for u. u guys help me enjoying my teen life in a vey miserable way.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Kpd hijabis,

Solat tunggang terbalik khusyuk hadap tuhan tapi kebersihan tak jaga cam bodo gak la. Aurat tutup tkde sehelai benang pun tercarik mmg takde semua perfect takkan ada seorg org pun yg akan tgk aurat si hijabis ni tp bila pulang kerumah pakaian itu tidak di settle sendiri, tunggu org gaji settle. Aku panggil hijabis camni hijabis hipokrit tahap tinggi menara klcc infiniti lagi tinggi dari tu. Mmg bapak la kalau aku hidup dgn org camni sampai bila-bila aku tak kan aman. Kalau kau nak banding dgn isu syria palestin paris baik tak payah sbb itu wow jauh lebih dahsyat ujian dorg aku sendiri pun tak tertanggung kalau dpt yg mcm hijabis ni je. Tapi takpe, jenis hijabis yg camni aku harap kalau dia nak sakai, boleh sakai sensorg.