Tuesday, 19 January 2016


The plan was I wanted to eat rice once in a week which is either on Sunday or Wednesday in order to maintain my weight because you know white rice are high in carbs.

So, today, the plan had crashed.

I am sorry for my body because I could not take care of you like how I managed to do it previously. With all due respect, I am truly sorry.

It was today, this morning to be exact, there was a friend of mine walking behind me after the class ended. It was only a short conversation & I get distracted by that until now. I didn’t pay attention in classes today to be exact.

It was not a very big deal. Ya after all the hardwork that I made throughout the year and there was someone who were getting on my way. She was getting on my nerve! and still am.

Someone who knew about my struggle before but still gave me that “bitch” face thing whenever she scanned my body thoroughly. I do not know why on earth people could judge other people as if we are not compatible compared to them.

To be fit and healthy takes time. Running and cardio-ing for two hours & injured both of your hamstrings every weekend are serious. But still, people do complain. They make us feel as if we are not making any changes for our body and the future.
I admit that I am still at a point where no man would ever ask for a date. But I don’t care as long as I have the strong wills to continue and finish this small journey towards success.

Ya, I won’t give up.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

A Short Conversation

So I started the conversation,

It was a short conversation between me and a friend of mine. Yes, a man. I have known him maybe for three years & still counting(maybe). I think as im getting older I tend to talk to the people around me in a way that I think I want to be treated. Yes, as a grown up person. I will blame no one if they does not get what am I doing to them because I know there will be someone who will come up one day eventually with a rationale that they feel uncomfortable with the way I talk to them.

Its not easy to change to a new you. Ya I get it, I had to start the conversation maybe because he was shy at first & think about it again, what about me? So I try to take it in a positive way.

It was my first time handling my emotion towards a man during a conversation. Yes, it was because of him that I tend to talk to every man that I happened to know in a very adultry-manner(dont know whether that exist or not ok proceed), until today.

I supposed when I talk like that, they will take it in a very serious perspective and I do not have to cover my appearances whenever I wanted to start a conversation with them. It feels comfortable that way I think so.

So about this man, lets just assume that he is one of the good man I have ever known with a good manner and a good looking person.

Till next time! 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year-late post #KMPh

Its been kind of hectic months/days I guess. Nothing had been brought up on this page lately.
Several issues came up and I didnt manage to overcome those mistakes/problems cuz ya im just me. Nothing you can do about it.

So basically its raining here in Pahang due to the monsun & it will remain probably until March 2016.

Talk about 2016.

I am 19 y/o this year. Can you imagine or can you not? I saw my reflection during the night of new year where we stuck in our hostels watching movies marathon and taking pictures in dark (no lights turned on & we're ok). The reflection that I saw was still me. Nothing new. I am still not in the mood of changing myself and made those new year resolutions cuz maybe I had done that during Maal Hijrah hahahah no no dont laugh this is a serious writing.

New year is the beginning of the year. Its how you tend to pamper yourself during the very beginning of the year. From my view, I can still see the youths out there are not making any differences or else if they did, its not what-you-think-you-can-make-your-parents-proud-thing.

To be a brand new you, try not to think to always do things to satisfy your environment. Its not for them you live for. Enjoy every slice of cake in every bite! You wont be regret.

Lets make differences to be a better you! It will never be too late to try something new.
C'mon, lets give it a shot ya?