Sunday, 12 July 2015

Life As A Student; yknow the list wont stop

Salam alayk.

Matriculations students, they know very well how to define stress.

How does this writing affects me? Alot.

I can write a lot but I cannot manage my time here very well so..; but I am still trying though

Its funny how you can be so ambitious and spiritual at first but then you lose everything in a least amount of time.

I dont blame matrics for choosing me to be one of their students here, I even feel grateful for what God has sent me to.

Its just me that cannot suit myself with the environment, YET.

When I first started my class here, the first and second week, it felt like I cannot cope with everything that I had learned and I cried, almost everyday.

What did I do?

I read, while I was crying.

Al Baqarah: 286

And I call my family.

But the strength that I have now is not enough to beat the strength of Prophet pbuh when he was there saving his ummah from falling apart.

So now, it is my responsibility to keep focus on what I have been working for and I must fight till the very end.

Win or lose it doesnt matter as long as I have the determination to finish what I have started first.

Oh, and salam ramadan and selamat berbuka!