Friday, 30 November 2012

Stop Loving A Person Who Doesn't Love You Back

I can still remember the day when my friend told me about her feeling towards a boy. The case was quite complicated and until now she can't really tell what went wrong. The only thing that I'm very sure of is, she and him were having a mutual feeling for each other, but they didn't manage to declare anything and he got snatched right away. So, instead of moving on together, they moved on separately. 

Back to part where she told me about what I just told you, she responded in a very ignorant way, but amazingly with a clear point. She told me, "It's really hard to forget all the moments we spent together". I said, "Why do you want to suffer alone here while he enjoys his day with his girlfriend there?" Since then she started to see the world from a different point of view. Of course she got on and off with a few more relationships later on, but the feeling of losing someone dear, luckily didn't hurt her as much as before. Believe me, she is too good to be with someone who really don't know how to appreciate her. As the time goes, Alhamdulillah now she can manage her life so well. And without any mankind help. Heheh

Oh and readers who accidently have the same problems with her, remember, do not try to forget the ones you've lost, because you will never succeed. If they could give you such an impact, what makes you think you could forget them in the future? Instead, allow yourself to think of them and remember all the things you've done together. Do not fight it. If you want to miss or call or cry, let it be. Because one day you will stop. And when you stop, it's not because you've succeeded forgetting them, but you've actually managed to accept life and live without them.

So, when I put the title, 'Stop Loving A Person Who Doesn't Love You Back', I wasn't thinking about telling any of you to do that. I wanted you to see the title in a form of a question. Can you stop loving a person who doesn't love you back? Maybe yes, maybe no. Why must force? Hey, I'm not expert. 

I'll write soon.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Negara yang ditindas | Gaza Palestin

Assalammualaikum. This will not take long. Take this as a reminder from a Muslim to a Muslim :')

Pray for Gaza 
Whoever you are, I beg you. Please pray for Gaza. Don't think about it. Just do it. They really need it. Let them know that you love them. And don't you ever keep yourself calm because children of Gaza wake up at the sounds of gunfires every single day.

Aman Palestin Berhad (CIMB Bank)
-edited on 2/1/2017-